Thoughts for the journey

From Pastor John

What Do You Remember?

May is a wonderful month. In New England, it is when Spring finally arrives. If you live here in New England, you are aware that April was pretty much a rain out. We had 23 days of rain in a 30 day month. However, the calendar...

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What’s Next

In recent weeks, the news has been filled with many stories that may cause us to ask, "What's next?". The Mueller Report on the activities of the President has been released. Depending on your point of view, the President did nothing wrong or he should be impeached....

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From Where I Sit

Darlene Gibson

Lessons Ruby Bridges Taught Me

LESSONS RUBY BRIDGES TAUGHT ME My Summer began in May, when my Alma Mater, Rhode Island College, honored our graduating class of 1969 on commencement day. What a thrill to march with the celebrating survivors to the applause of thousands at the Dunkin Center! An even...

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BELIEVE was the theme of this year's Christmas tea. The inspiration came from everywhere: Macy's, Christmas cards, pillows, candles, and many other things. My BELIEVE, however, wasn’t about Santa, or the elf on the shelf, or the gifts. It was about the reason for my...

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