I would like to apologize for our failure to update our website. We had our website redesigned by a professional and I thought I knew how to update but I did not. I have now found someone who will be helping us keep our site up to date. Hopefully, you will find the information more relevant and up to date.

Since I last updated this site, we have experienced many changes.

Last fall, my son and his family sold their home and moved in with us. This was a different situation for Darlene and me since we had been empty nesters for over five years but it was a wonderful time having our two youngest granddaughters living with us. During the time they were here, there were no fights among the adults and Jonathan was able to help me do some work around the house than I had been putting off. Their living with us turned out to be a great blessing because in December he was offered a new job at Lowe’s corporate headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Right before the new year, Jonathan, Christina, Ryleigh and MacKenzie packed up and moved to North Carolina. It was a very difficult time for Darlene and me since it was the first time we had not immediate family here in Rhode Island.

Of course, the biggest change was not just in our lives but it has impacted all of us and that is the shelter in place order and all that entailed. Our church closed on March 29 and has been closed ever since. The first few weeks were extremely difficult. We were able to record our service on Palm Sunday and post it on Facebook. Beginning on Easter Sunday, we began to have drive in services at the church. We set up a sound system in the back of the church and people park in the parking lot and we have church. It is not the same as meeting in the building but it has still been a great time. We attempted to live stream our service on Facebook a number of times and now we are able to do so. We invite you join with us Sunday morning at 11:00 at Facebook.com/HeritageCF for our service. In addition to livestreaming our Sunday service, I am doing a short devotional each weekday on Facebook We would love to have you take a look.

While it appears that the shelter in place orders are being rescinded, we all know that we will not be back to normal anytime soon. We do not know when we will be able to open our church and even when that happens, there will be changes in the way we do things.

With all of these changes, there is one thing I do know, Jesus never changes. None of the changes I have talked about took Him be surprise. We have confidence that He will be the same in every situation and every step on our journey.

Pastor John